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Are all web design companies the same at all? Web design, website development, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and other services are offered by many companies. Their quality should be apparent from their work (for our references see on the right column). There are milliards of websites out there so go against the flow and demand the top quality websites. The top quality website is the key to success on the Internet. It seems simple at first sight. However, the website creation should be based on knowledge which is aquired from extensive internet user tests.  

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Web site validity and applicability – our aim is to create web sites which are completely valid and applicable and thus having better search results
  • Fast and well arranged web sites – we create our web sites to be fast; we recommend well arranged and simple web sites to most of our clients – see the most successful Google web site – the strength is in simplicity
  • Top quality and reasonably priced web sites – we create our web sites to be easily found, functional and at affordable price (simple web sites price starts already at CZK 12.000,--)
  • We persistently cooperate with professionals we can rely on (encoders, programmers, copywriters etc.). We are very flexible and deal with our clients personally, directly and straightforwardly (no hidden costs, keeping to deadlines and so on).
  • Web site optimization – for all main screen definitions, 1024 x 768px and 1280 x 1024px
  • Printing definition – for each web site there is a style prescript defined both for monitor display and web site content printing on a printer.
  • Font size – is entered in relative units in order to be easily changed by users (e.g. by the scroll wheel together with the pressed Ctrl key).
  • Good legibility – we aim to reach adequate contrast between the background and a font colour and the text to be good to read.
  • Accessibility for the handicapped – each image has a set ALT attribute, which is a substitutional text shown when an image is not read (it is important for search engines as well as for handicapped users).
  • Navigation is built on cascade style sheets and so it is maximally accessible.
  • Script languages are used so as they do not impede web accessibility and its content to be always available.
  • Forms are equipped with features making the orientation for handicapped users easier.
  • Website graphics – website graphics size is optimized so as the web site is read as fast as possible while sufficient image quality is kept up and the web site size is 100 kB at most.
  • Web site tuning – we test the web site display on three main browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera.

Web design pricelist

The entire price list is rather tentative. It always depends on the specific website and your requirements (performance contracts, specificity requirements, quality and quantity of materials prepared and delivered, the number of comments and corrections, etc.). Prices correspond to moderately complex web. To a larger and more complex site will be higher if you want a simpler site, or you have prepared high-quality materials, the price will be lower.

Web design and grafics

Top quality homepage design from CZK 7.700 from 320 Euro
Homepage design together with few subpages from CZK 11.800 from 490 Euro
Complet e-shop design with subpages from CZK 17.900 from 750 Euro


Websites developing

Creation of simple static websites



from CZK 12.000



from 500 Euro

Creation of more complex web sites with content management system from CZK 19.900 from 830 Euro
Creation of e-shops from CZK 25.000 from 1040 Euro
Hourly rate CZK 500 20 Euro


Contact us

If you need to have your website or e-shop created and want to ask for price calculation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible. The request should include information about your project: What is its aim and its extent (website map, possibly its structure), deadlines, functional requirements, updating, graphic design description etc. The more information you provide us with the more exact estimation of price and time demand we can provide you with.


For offer or further details please contact Mr. Lukas Vik.

Web design portfolio


tvorba internetových stránek etcimex 










tvorba internetových stránek i2l research











tvorba internetových stránek asv











tvorba e-shopu saveli










Tvorba e-shopu www.destruct.cz

tvorba e-shopu destruct.cz











Tvorba e-shopu www.cobb-grily.cz


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